THE CEDARS is Streaming Now!

The Fader is streaming The Cedars right now!! Produced by Rob Shelton and Jamie Riotto. Out on Native Cat Records on April 5. LISTEN HERE >

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Making The Cedars

Cooper Kenward directed a mini-doc about recording The Cedars, my forthcoming album, and I absolutely love it. I think he perfectly captured the psychologically compromised place we found ourselves in while making this record. It was shot in Tiny Telephone Oakland and San Francisco. Starring Jamie Riotto, Robert Shelton, Jason Slota, and Andrew Maguire. Thank you to Native Cat Recordings for making this happen!!!!

New Single “Will Call” Streaming Everywhere!

Will Call single artwork

“Will Call,” the second single from The Cedars, is now streaming EVERYWHERE!!!

“Will Call” was written and performed by Jamie Riotto, Rob Shelton, & me. It was peak square wave insanity, an old school clock signal that we used to control the Moog IIIc, ARP 2600, Mini Moog, Odyssey, 808, etc. The weird anomalies this created made something new and unknowable.

Photo by Ginger Fierstein