Full Length Albums

John, I can’t believe civilization is still going here in 2021! Congratulations to all of us. Love, DCB
Dollar Hits
The Cedars
Dagger Beach
White Wilderness
Romanian Names
Emerald City
Pixel Revolt
Cellar Door
Life And Death of an American Fourtracker
Time Travel Is Lonely
Mass Suicide Occult Figurines

Full Album Downloads & Extras

Midnight Blue / Long Dark Blues
Polyvinyl 4-Track Singles Series, Vol. 1
Song For Clay Miller/Vitas At Wimbledon 7″
Vanderslice Plays Diamond Dogs
Green Grow The Rushes
Too Much Time
Scott Solter Remixes Pixel Revolt in Analog
SUDDENLY IT ALL WENT DARK: Pixel Revolt Live To 2-Track
MGM Endings: Cellar Door Remixes
Bedside Recordings Vol. 1.2 (Split 7″)
Insound Tour Support #18