Dollar Hits 2020

  1. orca official
  2. cracked pass words
  3. say yes to pressure
  4. ice castles/tender mercy
  5. fireworks
  6. eHarmony icons
  7. evened rite up
  8. show me love
  9. tenderloner1979
  10. we tha fuck eyed trollz
  11. weirdo: the beginning

Credits & Notes

Dollar Hits was conceived and executed by James Riotto, Rob Shelton, and JV. Jamie and Rob are responsible for my creative rebirth and for that I have infinite gratitude.

Written by John Vanderslice, James Riotto, and Rob Shelton
Produced and Engineered by James Riotto and Rob Shelton
Recorded and mixed on the glorious Neve 2×8068 at Tiny Telephone Oakland

Mastered by Jacob Winik
Lacquer cut directly from 1/2” master tapes by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service
180g vinyl by Quality Record Pressing

Assisted by Omar Akrouche, Danielle Goldsmith, and Spencer Hartling

Artwork by Joe Williams / Photos by Sarah Cass