New Song / New EP coming July 2021

I have a new single out now! All the streaming links are here. “I Get A Strange Kind Of Pleasure From Just Hanging On” is the last song I wrote for the EP. It’s a pop banger and it’s there to give you a break from the relentless synth assault of the rest of the record. I had an incredibly difficult time with the endless cycles of hope and nihilism this covid shit does to your brain. In the end, I just shut down, ate weed, and tried not to desire ANYTHING.

It’s from a new EP I have coming out on July 16th titled: John, i can’t believe civilization is still going here in 2021! Congratulations to all of us, Love, DCB

Track Listing:
1. uncommon love
2. I get a strange kind of pleasure from just hanging on
3. Late Life Realization
4. don’t forget about me
5. The World We Had
6. Taverns of the neo subcortex
7. White chalk

This EP is dedicated to the radical genius DC Berman. David was the brilliant songwriter behind Silver Jews and Purple Mountains, and a titanic figure and huge mentor in my own life. We started corresponding in 2004, we traded ideas, he gave me tons of titles for songs, taught me crazy writing hacks. We sent each other music, pro wrestler photos, and postcards.

One of those simply said: John, I can’t believe civilization is still going here in 2008! Congratulations to all of us, Love, DCB

We loved each other. His death fucked me up.

This is a love letter to David and an anti-suicide pact with myself.

Elizabeth Weinberg directed a video for the new song, it stars Tabor Allen, Samira Winter, and me!

I have a very entertaining Patreon, $1 a month gets you in. I create a monthly podcast and there are TONS of rarities there. I’ll keep adding unreleased music.

I’m very active on Insta where I shitpost 6 days a week.


I’m doing a Midwest Undertow house show tour in August. I’ll post ticket links and dates soon. Most of these shows are unamplified, have no opener, and start at 8pm promptly. They are in a house, art gallery, recording studio, or indoor/outdoor creative space. THEY ARE A DREAM.

I’ll be doing West Coast in October and East Coast in November. If you want to host a show, please email me!!!!