JV + Dead Oceans! New label, new album soon!

In the fall of 2007 I played shows with Bishop Allen and Bowerbirds. I was already in love with both bands. By the end of the tour I had fallen hard for their label, Dead Oceans. I had known Phil for a few years and I deeply respected his taste in music. When he joined the Secretly Canadian / Jagjaguwar family, I started to pay close attention. I am honored to be in the game with these people! They are passionate, aware, loyal and SERIOUS.

The Magik*Magik changed my life…

God DAMN! That Magik show was unreal, being in the center of all those strings, and horns, and woodwinds… and the choir. FUCK! They all played with so much style and power. Well we’re sure to bring it back, how could we not? Thanks for coming to this show. To those that couldn’t make it, we’ll have some audio and video stuff to post soon.

The super bowl was amazing!!!!