White Wilderness CD/LP Prorder Mania!!

Okay maybe madness is a bit much, but check out the below packages. Pretty sweet. The main thing is, if you pre-order the record, you get an immediate mp3 download of the record. Damn.

White Wilderness is a collaboration with the Magik*Magik Orchestra and arranged by the brilliant Minna Choi. Minna is my hero. When you hear the record, you’ll understand why. I am so proud of this record and can’t wait for you to get it!

A few noted about the goodies:

-The White Wilderness vinyl was mastered from the 1/2" analog tapes by Bernie Grundman and pressed by RTI.

-The unique 5X7 is a print from my trusty Leica M6. I choose all of the photos and they will never be reprinted again. They are signed and I’ve added notes and locations to most of them.

-The Green Grow The Rushes EP is a high-quality 180gr RTI pressing with hand silk-screened artwork designed by Summer Makovkin. This is an all-analog, numbered release limited to 1000.

-The Hatch Show Print is amazing.

-Get the damned Platinum Bundle! You will not regret it:)