We Have A Winner!

So I asked what I thought was going to be an esoteric, hard-to-answer trivia question in my last email blast. The questions was:
"I haven’t done this in a while, but let’s have a trivia question. First one to get this right will receive all four records signed by me!! I’ll try my best to make this unGoogleable. In The Corner, the wonderful mini-series created by The Wire’s Simon and Burns, Gary is deeply affected by seeing a film on his day off from working at the crab house. What’s the movie and what connection does he make between the victims in the film and his own life?"

Within a few minutes of sending it out, Caleb swooped in and nailed it:
"I believe the film is Schindler’s List, and I believe the connection you’re refering to is Gary lamenting how black drug users are turning themselves into proverbial jews-in-the-holocaust. Amirite?"

Well he was. The really cool thing is I know Caleb. We’ve done an interview together on his blog and I recorded an acoustic set for him in Nashville when we were opening up for Steve Malkmus.

Thanks to all the people that emailed me, almost everyone got it right (one exception was my bandmate Sylvain Carton, who replied: "I just read the trivia question! Is it Ghostbusters, and the connection is that he is a ghost?") Next time I’ll REALLY make it hard!