Raw Tracks from Green Grow the Rushes Grow

More individual tracks from Green Grow the Rushes Grow

"Penthouse Window" was arranged by Max Stoffregen. I gave him a simple demo with a click track and the vocals you hear below. I think Max is a major bad ass, this was a big turning point for me and foreshadowed my collaboration with Magik*Magik Orchestra.

Clarinets from "Penthouse Window"
-All played by Ben Goldberg (that mf-er can play)

Piano from "Penthouse Window"
-Played by Max Stoffregen

Vocals from "Penthouse Window"
All the background vocals are recorded 25-50 cents slower on the MM1200, then brought up to speed. I love that as it has a slightly different forment, and it seems to brighten the sound and tighten up the delivery.

Use as you like.
Piano and clarinets tracked by Scott Solter at Tiny Telephone.
Vocals tracked by me at home.

Here’s the link for all uploaded tracks so far.