New Studio Name Contest!!

I asked, you delivered. These names are so interesting to me, I had to post them. We owe it to history.
The back story: I’m trying to open a new studio early next year, so I asked for suggestions related to my current studio, Tiny Telephone.

This is the best list since our "2008 name the Vanderslice band" contest.

Tiny Telephone 2: Electric Boogaloo
Crazy John’s Recording Emporium
Wee Walkie
keitai studio (Japanese slang for mobile phone)
Analog Station
Ray’s Boom Boom Room
monster megaphone, puny pager
McMusic Hut
The Switchboard
Bandwidth Limited
This Guy’s Garage
Petite pachinko
Phonographic Ecstacy Transmission From The Chasm of Dead Souls
Rotary Recordings
Tiny Binary
I’m partial to ‘Ethylene Point’ or ‘Neophyte Inlet’ as they’re both anagrams of Tiny Telephone.
the switchboard
1992 honda prelude (jv: this one is excellent!!)
Cups and String

24-hour Porn Kingdom
Patch Bay Bay

Mini Megaphone
one wrong number

heidi vanderslice

Strange Door (that’s technically TT-related, right? 🙂 )

Telephone Telephone Revolution

The Binary

lil baby dial tones

Ring Ring

64k modem

Whistle Work

Heebie CBs

Cute Cuticle

The 424

mini ninja

Lazy Marvin’s House of Ultimate Noise (jv: Marvin is our studio cat)
Tiny Telegraph
Heuristic Meat Box
tall telegraph
infintesimal iphone
Sloppy Hi Fi
Inconsequential Ham Radio
Mid-size dot matrix printer
Magnetic Mojo

Huge iPad

mini téléphone

Ham Radio Central

Front Row

chirp house


1/2 bath recordings
the dollhouse

Cans and Strings Studio

Los Estudios Telefono Diminuto — Dos


Free Long Distance

Hiney Smellophone

Tiny Tunnel of Love

Tiny Num Sounds

Big Pager Studios

Tinny Telephone

mini megaphone

The Patchbay

Proustian Pager
The Internet
rotary dial club
baby beeper
the bat[wings] cave
tiny phonebooth
Edison’s Folly
Twisted Pair
Guitar Center (jv: I love this one)
CB Set
The Magik Telephone
Moderately Sized Morse Code Machine
Pony Express
Uncanny Valley
JV Phone Home
shrunken ear machine
Zach Morris sized cell phone
Home Phone Studios
Micro Messenger
Nano Noisebox
Petite Pinger
Motorola StarTAC
small smoke signal
shrunken semaphore
mini morse code
Two Cups and a String
communication cellar
stellar cellar
Maximum Mobile. But people might think you’re a sketchy Cricket retailer
Busy Signal
The Phone Booth
The Answering Machine
Tiny Alexander Graham Bell
Mini Megaphone
I think you should go another direction and call it Homeslice.
puny pager
slight semaphore
Micro Cell
Enormous Earpiece
Massive Carrier Pigeon
teensy tele
baby booth
Vandy Camp Studios
Tiny Telephone Line 2
Pitiful Pager
Baby Receiver
diminutive carrier pigeon
Slightly Larger Telephone
Mini Gramophone
Itty Bitty iPhone
Mini Microphone
Diminutive Digiridoo
Moderately Sized Morse Code Machine
Big Ass Smoke Signal
Enormous iPhone