Let Me Wear Your Overcoat

– As usual, the heavy lifting is going on at the olde Tumblr.
– I’ve written all 10 songs for the new Dead Oceans record.

– We go into Fantasy Studios next friday (!) to track.

– The new record is a collaboration with the Magik*Magik Orchestra

– It will be recorded by John Congleton (who I’ve wanted to work with for years)

– Jay and Ian Pellicci are assisting, I couldn’t do this record without them

– Minna Choi, fearless leader of Magik and the arranger of the entire album, is a complete and total genius

– I am really fucking excited about this record

PS, I started a Tumblr for Tiny Telephone as well. It’s full of gear pornography and shots of marvelous Marvin the studio cat being, well, marvelous.