Kickstarter Update #5 – 48 Hours to go!

Hello everyone! Rolling Stone just posted a premiere of a song from my new record Dagger Beach. It’s also here.

My Kickstarter is in its last 48 hours. Dagger Beach comes on June 11, if you pre-order here, I’ll ship your records a month ahead of the release date.

We have two pretty special new rewards:

DAGGER BEACH TEST PRESSING – 200g test vinyl from QRP, signed and personalized. Test pressings are the best reference and the highest fidelity. This reward includes a one-off 8"X12" print from one of my Leica photos from last EU tour. This is the only reward level that offeres the 8×12 photo. Limited to 8.
1/2" master tape from DAGGER BEACH – 30 seconds of 1/2" ATR tape on a reel and nice Ampex box from a deleted middle verse and chorus of "Gaslight." You will be the only person that will hear this section of the song. YOU WILL OWN THIS and can do whatever you want with it. Comes with an mp3 reference as well. Limited to 2.

If we cross 75k, I’ll write a KILLER song for ONLY THE BACKERS. (WE ARE GETTING CLOSE) You can play it, post it, lip dub it, make a 7" out of it, sell it, YOU OWN IT (collectively). It’ll be recorded at Tiny Telephone using the musicians you know and love. It will be a bad ass production, not a demo. It will be weird and wonderful.

STRETCH GOAL REACHED…We crossed 65K, so all packages of $100+ will receive a UNIQUE 4X6 photograph printed at Photoworks. Thanks so much for doing this. 


REWARDS CLOSE TO SELLING OUT: Diamond Dogs vinyl, House Shows (1 left), Private Listening Party (5 left), Extra In Music Video (1 left), Taqueria Tour (1 left). 

Thanks for all your help and support. It means the world to me!!!!

Below: Dagger Beach test pressings, 1/2" master tape