Kickstarter Update #4: Watercolors Into The Ocean

Wow, I didn’t expect running a Kickstarter to be quite so entertaining. We’re in the home stretch now. I just got my triple-gatefold copy of the new Atoms For Peace record in the mail yesterday, I hope you guys are half as excited to get your rewards. It’s like Christmas over here.

I have an announcement…

If we cross 75k, I’ll write a KILLER song for ONLY THE BACKERS. You can share it, post it, lip dub it, make a 7″ out of it, sell it, YOU OWN IT (collectively). It’ll be recorded at Tiny Telephone using the musicians you know and love. It will be a bad ass production, not a demo. It will be weird and wonderful.

We have some new rewards this week!

ALL THE CDs – $145. Limited to 4. You get everything I’ve released on CD, from Mass Suicide to Dagger Beach, plus burned copies of the rarities, Green Grow the Rushes, Diamond Dogs, MGM Endings, and the Pixel Revolt live to 2-track. That’s 12 records. Plus a unique 4X6 photo signed and notarized!

DISTRESSED WOOD FLASH DRIVE of EVERYTHING – $100. Limited to 8. Laser-engraved with issue number and my name. USB. 8GB of 1s and 0s. You will get everything I have, including some instrumentals and a live show or two, in the highest resolution I can fit on the drive. Plus a unique 4X6 photo signed and notarized!

We’re sourcing out vinyl cases right now, looking at archival boxes that we’ll heavily modify and alter to fit our library theme. It’s possible that all cases will be slightly different (in the best way).

Diamond Digs vinyl is in production, the cover will most likely be a chipboard jacket with a beautiful screen print on both sides. There will be a simple insert as well with credits and download codes. More details as they come in.

Thanks so much everyone!!! Spring is coming and this summer is going to be EPIC.

Below: Slovenia, October, 2012. One of the many unique photos I’ll be sending out with any $100+ bundle