Kickstarter Update #3: Diamond Dogs Track Posted! Other unbearably exciting news…

We have crossed the 60k mark!! Thanks for that, you wonderful creatures. We’ll do a high-res (as possible) live-stream of the listening party for all backers. For our next stretch goal…
If we cross 65K, all packages of $100+ will receive a UNIQUE 4X6 photograph.

Taken by me on my Leica M6 and printed at San Francisco’s own Photoworks on Kodak matte paper. I’ll sign and write some location info or other explication on the back. These are one-off prints, they are actually the only print I have of each photo. It’s a 1 of 1 kind of scenario. LET’S DO IT.

Stereogum is premiering a song from the Diamond Dogs cover record today. Here it is.

If you haven’t picked up Diamond Dogs yet, it’s getting closer and closer to selling out (we’re under 150 left).

Other things on the brink of selling out:

HOUSE SHOWS (1 left in SF and 1 in US available), the “T-SHIRT of your choice + BOTH NEW RECORDS on Vinyl” bundle (12 left), and the “DAGGER BEACH and DIAMOND DOGS on vinyl” bundle (25 left).

New rewards just posted:

I WRITE YOU AN 8 SECOND SONG WITH YOUR NAME IN IT – $75 (limited to 8, unless they are easier than I think they’ll be!)
I can also do this for someone you love (or a theme or idea you love). This is going to be a 24-track analog extravaganza, not some busted-ass demo. There will be background vocals. I can also precede the song with “You’ve reached [YOUR NAME HERE]” and I believe you would have an amazing outgoing VM message.

– $50 (limited to 7) A 200g QRP test pressing of my Bowie cover record. The extra good news: I’ll ship it to you at least a month before the full artwork versions are ready. Test pressings sound VERY GOOD.

Remember, I love you. I was seriously fantasizing about bailing from the music game this time last year. No more. With any luck, I’ll be able to pull off a remix record of Dagger Beach that will be a free download this summer.

Below: My Bowie cover of “Big Brother” titled “A Better Whirlpool.” Also, my twitter doppleganger, @not_john_vanderslice, fixed my poster for the Diamond Dogs show I did last year.