The Magik*Magik changed my life...

posted by JV | February 01 2009

God DAMN! That Magik show was unreal, being in the center of all those strings, and horns, and woodwinds... and the choir. FUCK! They all played with so much style and power. Well we're sure to bring it back, how could we not? Thanks for coming to this show. To those that couldn't make it, we'll have some audio and video stuff to post soon.
The super bowl was amazing!!!!

Fool on the Hill

posted by JV | December 29 2008

I discovered today that the chords of "Fool On The Hill" line up exactly with tuning a guitar, starting from the top E down. In other words...I'm still recording! And besides the Beatles, there's so many other ways to fill those breaks and gaps in between thinking and writing. (Sometimes those breaks last a week.)
I've been really inspired by the Dr Ebbet vinyl transfers of the Beatles catalog. They should be very easy to find out there...and man these records should be WAY out of copyright.

Come Celebrate 10 Years of Tiny Telephone!

posted by JV | December 01 2008

John Vanderslice performing w/ Magik*Magik Orchestra
January 30, 2009 | Great American Music Hall
I'll be playing new and old songs, backed by Magik*Magik, Tiny Telephone's house orchestra. Ticket link will be posted soon!!!

Michael Showalter + Lil Wayne Dance Party

posted by JV | October 16 2008

I'll be playing with Michael Showalter this Saturday, Oct 18 in NYC!!!! We're opening the new 92Y Tribeca. Buy Tickets. Lil Wayne dance party to follow.

Spoon at the Fillmore....

posted by JV | September 25 2008

I saw Spoon play the Fillmore three times this week. God damn, those shows were so mind-blowing, they inspired, intimidated and confounded me all at once. They made me want to turn my guitar up, to start over, to play rock and roll, to dub shit out, to go on tour tomorrow.


posted by | September 17 2008

What genius cast Mickey Avalon in a Boost Mobile commercial? Top level shit. We saw Mickey the other night when we played Monolith. Holy shit, that place is rightfully famous, it's incredibly beautiful and you feel lucky to be there.

Suggested band names for the Vanderslice group

posted by JV | September 12 2008

Suggested band names for the Vanderslice group.

Ian Bjornstad: Wurlitzer, Moog Source
Dave Douglas: Drums, Keyboards
David Broecker: Bass, Keyboards
Dan Brennan: Live Sound, Samples

I asked for submissions to help us find a name for my band 1) because they deserve a name (they are my heroes! they are so damn good) 2) so they can be hired out for major cash to other singer/songwriters as a backing band (a la Crazy Horse)

The notice reads...
"I've been living in a k-hole" US Fall Tour
(with full band)
please email me with ideas to name the band...
something like John Vanderslice and [....]

John Vanderslice and the Cordial Invitations
John Vanderslice and The Continental Drift(s)
John Vanderslice and the Bonus Kilts
John Vanderslice and London Dispersion Force
John Vanderslice and the Protagonists
John Vanderslice and the Sweet Hereafter
John Vanderslice and the Boosnatches
John Vanderslice and the Like Whats
John Vanderslice and the Andes
John Vanderslice and the Subsequent Months
John Vanderslice and the Identical Socks
John Vanderslice and the Sappy Little Ferrets
John Vanderslice and the Baby Daddys
John Vanderslice and the Routine Procedures
John Vanderslice and the Predominantly Gay Community
John Vanderslice and the Predecessors
John Vanderslice and the Wholesome Bets
John Vanderslice and the Healthy Wagers
John Vanderslice and the Moist Towlettes

- The Trans Fats
- The Pashtuns (eastern Afghani tribe with uncertain history)
- The Kleptocrats
- Gaijin
- The Moabs (as in the acronym MOAB)
- The Beachheads

John Vanderslice and The Operatic Sounds
John Vanderslice and (The) Warming Weather

"John Vanderslice and..."
1. Hemlock
2. Oakgrowth
3. Forest Fever
4. SprawlSprawl
5. Idyll Wyld
6. Proxemics Oath

john vanderslice and the lost companions

JV and the Junior Varsity
JV and the Ketamine Prophets
JV and the Sophomoric Efforts
JV and the Bayonette Mounts
JV and the Minions of Zuul.
JV and the a la cartes
Jv and the Sources of Ignition
JV and the Chemical Burns
JV and your moms

The phonometricians
The diluvian chargers
The teletones or teletonians
The cylinders (yes, even though you did not name the record that I am not giving up on cylinder is some way shape or form, next record? Remixes? Something? )
the Hottentot arpegians  
the quadrumaniacs
the taung children of lucy
the lo-fimedlians
the fantastic fantods
the Dionyisian dowap band (as in Dionysis the Greek god of wine and intoxication because it sounds like this band will be intoxicating)
the Tahitian teloadians
The lilywhite lo-fians
the carpet crawlers (as in the Genesis song “we’ve got to get in to get out”)
the lemurians (as in the lost island of lemuria)
the dreamland lofrickids
the little fugues
the fuguist flyers
the mythic rubicons
the aluminum sugarlibs
the zomiggy stardusters
the well mannered gazers
the panna yardigans (as in panna the cure for delusion)
the what’s what nobleman
the moksha melodics (as in the moksha medicine)
the time travelers  

John Vanderslice and the Missing Digits
JV and mere mortals
JV playing with Intensity
JV plays with Toymakers
He's Burning His Fingers On the Stove, Featuring John Vanderslice, Feat. Nelly, Feat. Lil' Kim, Feat. Lou and 50 Cent.
JV with Hellfire and Dirty Laundry.
 JV with the audible scribes

john vanderslice & the microchips
john vanderslice & his imaginary friends
john vanderslice & his DDR troupe
john vanderslice & the commanders-in-chief

John Vanderslice and the Portrait Painters of the North Delta
JV & the Keyser Söze's
JV & the Delusional Revolutions
JV & the Basement Joints

JV and...
The Bombs That Go Boom
The Uncomfortable Index Fingers
The Hudson Hawks
The Bumstead Contracts
Mister B Lush and the Lush B Misters.

John Vanderslice and the Noisy Competitors.
John Vanderslice and the Noisy Imitations.

JV and The Fury

John Vanderslice and the Forces that Rally
John Vanderslice and the Punchers of Faces

John vanderslice and the incident room

John Vanderslice and the IanDaveDavidDans

John Vanderslice and the Bushnell Scopes
John Vanderslice and the Coalition Guards
John Vanderslice and the Fourtrackers
John Vanderslice and the Red Guard
John Vanderslice and the Teeny Tiny Little Teens
John Vanderslice and the Mighty Bagels
John Vanderslice and the Lady Richard

John Vanderslice and...

...the National Treasures
...the Highly Flammables
...the Vivisectors
...the High Voltage Powerlines
...the Go-To Men
...the Touchy-Feelies
...the Willy-Nillies
...the Covert Operations
...His Royal Highnesses
...the Pillagers
...the Space Cadets
...the Big Band Stars
...the Juicy Secrets
...the Conversationalists
...the Sunday Comics
...the Danger Dangers!
...the Vacillators
...Solid Gold
...the Conquistadors
...and the Coalition of the Willing

John Vanderslice & the Personal Mythologies

John Vanderslice and The Uncalled Four
John Vanderslice and The Maneki Nekos
John Vanderslice and Other Writings
John Vanderslice and The Masters of Moog
John Vanderslice and The Slaughterhouse-Four
John Vanderslice and a guy whose name might lead you to believe that he's from Iceland
John Vanderslice and The Jicks
John Vanderslice and Moogvillain
John Vanderslice and The Channel Four News Team

John Vanderslice and the Archers of Bhutan

John Vanderslice and the Picture Element.
No? Can't go wrong with JV & the Predominantly Gay Community,

John V. and the Wily Hermenauts

JV and the pro-tools. or JV and the liquidating analog tape

John Vanderslice & the Heart That Will Save Us All
John Vanderslice & the Sailors
John Vanderslice & the Goodness
John Vanderslice & His Spoons
John Vanderslice & the Pounds of Prozac

john vanderslice and the holy terrors
[i suppose you could make it "holy terrorists" if you felt like it.]

John Vanderslice and the Half-Time Orange Slices

John Vanderslice and the Un-Buried wishes.
John Vanderslice and Free Beer
.. or Free Beer courtesy of John Vanderslice
John Vanderslice and the Butchers
John Vanderslice and the Cutting Edge

ohn Vanderslice & The AE35 Units
John Vanderslice & The Photographs
John Vanderslice & The Instillations
John Vanderslice & The Silence (Bergman reference points!)
John Vanderslice & The Dallow Waters
John Vanderslice & The German Expressionists
John Vanderslice & The Stereotypical Portraits of Native Americans
John Vanderslice & The Projectionists
John Vanderslice & The Steam
John Vanderslice & The Novelizations
John Vanderslice & The Eternal Mix Tapes
John Vanderslice & The Post War Dream

john vanderslice and the strange haircuts

john vanderslice with JOURNEY
john vanderslice with the ID

jv and the mooninites

jv and suburban kids w/ biblical names
jv and wild kindness

John Vanderslice and The Pixel Revolution (probably the most logical)
John Vanderslice and The Monochrome Outfits
John Vanderslice and The St. Lunatics
John Vanderslice and The East Side Boyz
John Vanderslice and The Awkward Silences
John Vanderslice and The Mountain Goa-I Mean... er, Nevermind
John Vanderslice and The State of the Union
John Vanderslice and The Key Demographics
John Vanderslice and The In-Laws
John Vanderslice and The Dangerous Nations
John Vanderslice and The Political Undertones (or JV and The Political Overtones)
John Vanderslice and The Asian Invasion
John Vanderslice and The Happy Accidents
John Vanderslice and The Illinoisemakers
John Vanderslice and The Noise Pollution
John Vanderslice and The Life Cycles
John Vanderslice and Those Angsty Teenagers
John Vanderslice and Those Meddling Kids
John Vanderslice and The Afterthoughts (too harsh?)
John Vanderslice and The Republic
John Vanderslice and The Ensemble of Crunk
John Vanderslice and The Overworked and Underappreciated

JV and:
the Ford Tempos
the Apple II Avengers
the Blanks
the Pomplemousses
the Train Robbery
the Squadron
the Elite Ninja Assassins
the Tri-State
the First Things First
the Prime Numbers
the Omekos

John Vanderslice and The Reason

- the Deft Hands
- the Diction Air
- the Really False Jackals
- the Prime Numbers
- the Prime Evil
- the Small Light
- the Losing Light
- the Fire
- the 4:33
- the Chris Country Squire
- the .doc
- the Drawn Quarter
- the Taut Slack
- the Rife With
- the Act
- the Make It Quick
- the Bearing Loads
- the Bering Strait
- the Bearing
- the Guard
- the Roil
- the Choke
- the Cup, Overflowing
- the Hereby Solemnly Swear
- the Authenticity
- the Tom Wopat, Duke of My Heart
- the Near Numbers
- the Near Colors
- the A-Framus
- the Heavy Lids
- the Arms
- the Beast and Dragon, Adored
- the Tokyu Hands
- the Parco 3
- the Small Ensemble
- the Descriptive Terms
- the Terms
- the Terns
- the Sweet, Sweet Jesus
- the Commandeer
- the Plot Devices
- the Dream Scream
- the Beatless
- the Michael J Foxes
- the Acclaimed Swedish Design Team
- the Ventilation
- the Airy Dare
- the Prospect
- the Did

John Vanderslice and The American Dream

JV and the Powers that Booth
JV and the Filthy Abacus
JV and the Food Stamp Collective
JV and the Gordon Shumways
JV and the Pretty Mouths
JV and the Pace Setters
JV and the Splitting Headache
JV and Top Heavy
JV and the Field Service Calls
JV and the Sadie Hawkins Dance
JV and the Bloodless Coupes
JV and the Presidon'ts
JV and the Halfening
JV and the Boners
JV and Shit Mountain
JV and the Fabulous Bone Structure
JV and the Identity Theft Reports
JV and the Bedroom Fatalities

John Vanderslice and the:
-Tenements of New Haven
-Temple of Doom

John Vanderslice and the Thieving Crooks
John Vanderslice and the Free Bunnies
John Vanderslice and the Megabytes
John Vanderslice and the Open Wounds
John Vanderslice and the Wild Strawberries
John Vanderslice and the Kids in Camouflage
John Vanderslice and the Secret Agency
John Vanderslice and the Broken Code (or Code Breakers)
John Vanderslice and the Enigma Machinists
John Vanderslice and the Experiment
John Vanderslice and the Conspiracy
John Vanderslice and the Wire Tappers (ha!)

John Vanderslice and the Dance Revolution (who would sue you first?)

John Vanderslice and the Wabi Sabi

JV and the Golden Gate

JV and the Polished Paramours
JV and the Gadabouts
JV and the Aural Airmen
JV and the Action Faction
JV and the Red Notes

JV and the Afternoon Smoke Breaks

John Vanderslice and-

the Ostrich Fathers
the Public Relations Firm
His Handlers
the Nites Errant
the Sauerkraut Patch Kids
the Sticky Fingers
the Frustrated Backing Band
the Hottie Hots
the Well-Behaved Guinea Pigs
the Disillusioned Illusionists
the Clashing Hand Towels
the Apologists
the Wholly Modal Founders
the Archipelago
the Chevy Luv
the Touristas
the Free Spaghetti Dinners
the All That's Good in the World
the Cheeky Bastards
the Semi-Perfectionists
the Stinky Poo-Poo Heads
the Nerd Glasses
the Watch Out!
the Running Sore Losers
the Asian Word Flu
the Non-Haters
the Jesus and Mary Chain Gang
the Potable Waters
the Boom Patrol
the Distant Future
the Cry for Help
the Easy Come Easy Go Band
the Thwarted Lovers
the Martin Youth Singers
the Painfully Obvious
the Hippie Sweat
the Secret Herbs and Spices
the Constantly Touring
His Cousins
the Rinse and Repeats

JV and... the Apostle Spoons

JV and (the) Enemy Combatants
JV and the Aluminum Tubes
JV and the Argonauts
JV and the Pantheon
JV with the Communards
JV and Eponymous Band

john vanderslice and the enemy combatants
john vanderslice and the neon baptists
john vanderslice and the anatomically correct freedom fighters

The Plotting Toadies
The Secretly Brilliant Bullies
The Community College Anthropology Professors
The Reluctant Vegetarians
Tone Deaf, but Well Intentioned
The Malfunctioning Mood Rings
The Former Hand Models

JV and the Shelf Lives

John Vanderslice and the Stylishly Incoherent
John Vanderslice and the Movies
John Vanderslice and the Involvement
John Vanderslice and the Masters of Ease
John Vanderslice and the Western Seaboard
John Vanderslice and the Scene
John Vanderslice and the Inevitable Breakups
John Vanderslice and the Reality Monsters
John Vanderslice and the Advanced Harmony
John Vanderslice and the Flow from Kosovo

John Vanderslice and...
The Heartbreak of Psoriasis
The Commodore 64
The Gas Station Hot Dogs
The Marketing Department
Get the Stuff
The Justice League
Chinese Arithmetic
The Kindercare Contingency
The Undisclosed Location
The Magazine Rack
Those Meddling Kids
The Conspirators

John Vanderslice and The Search for the Holy Grail
John Vanderslice and The Temple of Doom

john and the family slice
john vanderslice and the screeching cormorants
john vanderslice and the tippecanoe four
john vanderslice and the I like Ikes
john vanderslice and the sorbet spectacular
john vanderslice and the bally williams
john vanderslice and team pinball
john vanderslice and the carrot patch
john vanderslice and the wildhairs
john vanderslice and the royal oaks
john vanderslice and the howling rowdies
john vanderslice and the sliced rap scallions
john vanderslice and the grand entrance
john vanderslice and the red carpet

JV and Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
JV and the Super Awesome Villians Forever
John Vanderslice and the Moth-Monster Men
JV and the Mooninities
JV and the Sweet Release of Death
JV and the Harry Birdmen
JV and the Catheters
JV and the Stinkpots
JV and the Tea Cup Poodles
JV and the Slimy Slugs
JV and the Wisdom Cube
JV and the Hungry Hungry Hippos
JV and the Wiggly Worms
JV and the Cliche
JV and the Tetanus Shots
JV and the Cradle Cap

John Vanderslice and The Vain Glories

john vanderslice and the...
eyes of silence
four men around a table
entire city
numerous family
The Elephant Celebes

John Vanderslice and the Unplanned Pregnancies

John Vanderslice and the Entrance
John Vanderslice and the Exit

JV and the Squat Thrusts.
JV and the Cat Sphincters.
JV and the Wolf Whistles.
JV and the Weight of the World.
JV and the Active Cultures.

John Vanderslice and the Robin Eggs

JV and the Foxy Mama's Thought Box
John Vanderslice featuring Racial Tea Consumption

John Vanderslice and Hot Stenographers

JV and the...

o elaborately constructed artifacts
o hot wet dumpsters
o roller coaster vomit (related to memories of the last)
o burn victims (relates to the last two)
o mesh shirts (related to the last three) (theme parks in the summer)
o X-YY babies (no that's tasteless)
o special recipe
o eartuft groomers
o electric reindeer
o four other people who are not him
o holy rollers
o branch dividians
o replicants
o i.m.-posters (as in play on costello and icq/aim/whatever im)
o and his running crew
o and his well-oiled leather-bots
o tickley prickets
o entropic schemers
o dancing revolution
o epileptic sneezers
o computer club
o highly skilled contraptions
o soul assuagers
o muddy pilgrims
o muddy bucaneers
o liquid wiffle bats
o porn store janitors
o botched experiments
o time travelers
o burning sensations
o tracers
o regretful next morning
o harvesters of melody
o well being
o enlarged leprechauns (gigantic?, keeblers etc)
o shakes
o payday loans
o post office bombs
o bastards of melody
o other 16 tracks
o golden oldies
o free upgrades
o moneyback guarantee
o squibulent overlords
o aural marauders
o reverberators
o wave jugglers
o new world order
o rest of your experience
o mind numbers for the evening
o golden hope
o his magickal creatures
o undead followers
o zombie patrol
o next big thing
o tastes like chicken (sounds?)
o one man's president is another man's terrorist
o yellow cakes
o aluminum tubes
o unicorn samurai
o quantum aural cartographers
o twilight guard
o silent repercussion
o mensural cramps
o kismet

John Vanderslice and Lapides Sui Generis.
John Vanderslice and the Vis Plastica.

John Vanderslice and the Red Broeckers

John Vanderslice’s Calcutta Auction (inspired by singer/songwriter Michael Stanley)
The John Vanderslice Trout Fishing in America Band (taken from poet Richard Brautigan)
The John Vanderslice Trout Fishing Band (taken from poet Richard Brautigan)
John Vanderslice and the Revenge of the Lawn (taken from poet Richard Brautigan)
John Vanderslice and Meditation Suicide (inspired by poet Frank O’Hara)
John Vanderslice and 13th Century Dead Poets
John Vanderslice and 13th Century Dead Serfs

John Vanderslice and the Tranquils
John Vanderslice and the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)

The Iron Maidens
The Slayers
The Avoid Notes
The Finally Jews (which is a band name that a friend of mine was going to use, but I'm sure she'd be honored if you liked it enough to use it)
The McCoy Tyner Afterparty
The Skins
The Shirts
The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Denton
The 180 Grams
Sexual Chocolate

John Vanderslice and the Mermaid Birds

john vanderslice and
crazy norse
the handlebar moustaches
the four norsemen
the kamp kounselors
the komplete khaos
the under control
the kreepy krawlers
the shrinky dinks
the kinship
the bling kong boys
the fore andrew
the super naive
the sleepaways
the rainmakers
the defenestration
the space windows
the nested infectious
the something obscure
the shame on yous
the applied solipcism
the sonambaulism
the first amendment brass band
the last lemonade stand
the everybody's waiting (for you)

JV and the Cutter Heads
JV and the Master Lacquers

John Vanderslice and the Vain Heuristics

John Vanderslice and the Excretions
John Vanderslice and his Neckbeard
John Vanderslice and the Golden Cowboy Killers
John Vanderslice and Buzkashi (Buzkashi (from Persian ????? buzkashi, buz "goat" + kashi "drawing") is a traditional Afghan sport, played from horseback . The name translates literally to "goat grabbing", implying that the game originated in the ancient practice of horseback goat-nabbing during the times of Genghis Khan. The Mongols were skilled horse-riders who could swoop up a goat while riding a horse at full gallop. The goal of a Buzkashi player is to grab the carcass of a calf, and then get it clear of the other players, or pitch it across a goal line.)

John Vanderslice and the Defibrillators
John Vanderslice and the Sexy Men That Will Never Die
John Vanderslice and the Pataphysicians

John Vanderslice and the Remedy Brilliant
John Vanderslice and the Robot Constable
John Vanderslice and the Faded Millennia
John Vanderslice and the Clever Ruse
John Vanderslice and Crazy Beats Karate
John Vanderslice and the Best That Money Can Buy
John Vanderslice and the High-Powered Stockbrokers

John Vanderslice and the Teacup Dogs
John Vanderslice and the Font Crimes
John Vanderslice and Wonderful Gazebo
John Vanderslice and Grandpa's Newsletter
John Vanderslice and his Revenge
John Vanderslice and the Industrial Revolution
John Vanderslice and the Flightless Birds

the gun show featuring john vanderslice
the john vanderlice of americana
john vanderslice presents the freedom valley gospal singers
john vanderslice and his brigade fettered rodents
the john vanderslice unilateral express railway

John Vanderslice and Spender
John Vanderslice and the Swinging Chariots
John Vanderslice and the Potential Investors
John Vanderslice and Esperanto
John Vanderslice and the Coat of Arms
John Vanderslice and the Pragmatics
John Vanderslice and Labrador
John Vanderslice and Sleight
John Vanderslice and Gelid
John Vanderslice and the Polar Ice Caps
John Vanderslice and the Schematics
John Vanderslice and the Sylvan Hum
John Vanderslice and the Huasos
John Vanderslice and Belize
John Vanderslice and Orange Walk
John Vanderslice and Realpolitik
John Vanderslice and the Risky Diets
John Vanderslice and Deixis

John Vanderslice and Baby Shower
John Vanderslice and the Oil Barons
John Vanderslice and the Mutineers
John Vanderslice and Yukon
John Vanderslice and Galleons

John Vanderslice and the Crusades
John Vanderslice and the Canton of Vaud
John Vanderslice and the Miraculous Recovery

john vanderslice and the purveyors of warmth and comfort

JV and the:
pixilated revolution(s)
barbara stanwycks
lady eve
aspect ratio
maximum ernst

John Vanderslice and the Crack Pipes (I have been telling everyone Pixel Revolt is crack, the kind you should smoke)
John Vanderslice featuring Hot Yoga in the Dark
John Vanderslice and John Vanderslice's band
John Vanderslice and the Two Scoops

John Vanderslice and The...

Stella Dallas Cowboys
Origami Swamis
Cushy Jobs
Budapest Control
Infinite Jesters
Modest Slavs
Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Puppet Regime
Bored Chairmen
Perishable Publishers

John Vanderslice and the Anglocized Aboriginals

John Vanderslice and the Unblinking Eye

John Vanderslice...
... with/and (the)/ and his Hushpuppies
...and Champagne Bubbles
...and the Sorry
...accompanied by the (insert something here)
...and the Famed Names
...and the Particially Complete
...and the Stork
...with his people
...and his people
...and the No Shoes

John Vanderslice and the triskaidekaphobics
John Vanderslice and the Lufegargsids (disgraceful backwards...)
John Vanderslice and the Disgracefuls.
John Vanderslice and the Oxymorons.
John Vanderslice and Los Suenos.
John Vanderslice and the Broken Windows
John Vanderslice and the Ivory Elephants
John Vanderslice and the Parking Lots
John Vanderslice and the Enigmas
John Vanderslice and the de Chiricos.
John Vanderslice and the Silverfish.
John Vanderslice and the St. Dorothys.
John Vanderslice and the Hail Marys
John Vanderslice and the Relics

JV and the Lazy Susans
JV and the Get Down Syndrome
JV and the Other Musicians
JV and the Golden Gated Community

1. the heater coil,2 why i invented the A-Bomb,3. the Jandeks,4.the lethal dose of the truth,5.the comic sensibilities,6.the undeniable truth,7.the magical moustache ride, to ride a bike,9.the free thinkers,10.the sweet spot 

John Vanderslice and the Leftover Crusts
John Vanderslice and the Toasters
John Vanderslice and the Loaded Dice
John Vanderslice and the Deadly Symptoms
John Vanderslice and the Abiding Mystery
John Vanderslice and the Last Resort
John Vanderslice and the Bunker Busters
John Vanderslice and the Hoover Administration
John Vanderslice and the Ex-Hire Kilts

JV and The Sons of Bulba

John Vanderslice & The Snowy Day
John Vanderslice & West Span
John Vanderslice & The Coy Toy
John Vanderslice & The Youthful Regret Band
John Vanderslice & The Throttle Doggies
John Vanderslice & The Class Contract
John Vanderslice & Les Oursins <-- (French, sea urchins)

JV and the Area Rugs
.................. G Thirteen
.................. Terra Kotter
.................. the Tall Kids
.................. Eleventy One
.................. Mission Martyrs
.................. Wiggle Wiggle
.................. the New Dudes
.................. Pure Trifecta
.................. Mrs. Sauce
.................. Logarhthym
.................. San Veranda
.................. Sea of Green

JV & the flotillas
JV & the Neccessitites
JV & the Advocates
JV & the Henchmen
JV & the Satellites
JV & the Rally Rounds
JV & the Endowment
JV & the Obligations
JV & the Omissions
JV & the Apostles
JV & the Pioneers
JV & the Spokesmen
JV & the Dogmaticians
JV & the Holy Joe's
JV & the Revivalists

John Vanderslice and the Heavy Set
John Vanderslice and the Precious Cargo Pants
John Vanderslice and the Gas Station Authorizations (or the Dollar Authorizations)
John Vanderslice and the Soccer Oranges
John Vanderslice and the Debutante Balls
John Vanderslice and the Unexploded Scotsman Disposal Squad

john vanderslice and his....
girls in disguise
scheming dungeon masters
sorry sorry i won't do it again's
intimidating algonquins
inhospitable boyfriends
wounded soldiers
naughty naked nurses
aphroditic albatrossi
killer cocoa butter
flexible travelling bamboo pallettes
good friends
english armada
calendar dates
emmett honeycutts
shrinking psychiatrists
good taste in the fine arts
protein shakes
voluptuous valley vets
sophisticated phrases
vivian clover conovers
veritable vulvas
victorious villans
valley girl vaginas

John Vanderslice and the Barb Wire Conspiracy
John Vanderslice and Those Who Dare Play With Him
John Vanderslice and the Slices of Vander
John Vanderslice and the Acronyms
John Vanderslice and the Pseudonyms
John Vanderslice and the Antonyms
John Vanderslice and the Verbs
John Vanderslice and the Nouns
John Vanderslice and the Various Parts of Speech
John Vanderslice and the Name To Be Determined
John Vanderslice and Those Who Shall Not Be Named
John Vanderslice and the Touching Hallmark Moment
John Vanderslice and the Communal Tuber
John Vanderslice and the Free Donuts

John Vanderslice & His Hoes.
John Vanderslice & His Internal Organs.
John Vanderslice and the Hamburgers.
John Vanderslice & the Orgasm.

john vanderslice trips on that little step up into his living room
john vanderslice eats his toast first
john vanderslice and the off the wall calendar
john vanderslice sleeps with the fishes
john vanderslice does the windmill as a dance
john vanderslice asks fans to submit possible band names
john vanderslice owns at air hockey
john vanderslice and the support players
john vanderslice weilds car keys as a weapon in the parking lot for dollar tree
john vanderslice and brass monkey, that funky monkey, brass monkey
john vanderslice thinks of different possible flavors for toothpaste

jv and the grecoroman clusterfucks
jv and the dirty little secrets
jv and the 12 o'clock sugar rush
jv and the import/exporters
jv and the facebooks
jv and the jets (remember that 80s band?)
jv and the bad puns
jv and the olympic naysayers
jv and the investments
jv and the Megans Law advocists
jv and the televangelists
jv and the 7000 club
jv and the imposter friends

John Vanderslice and the Criminally Insane
John Vanderslice and his Moral Support
John Vanderslice and some Dudes on Keyboard
John Vanderslice and his Wurlitzer Orchestra
John Vanderslice and the Twice as Nice
John Vanderslice and his Slander Device

John Vanderslice and the Fucking Whales That Sank My Van
or John Vanderslice and the Whales That Sank My Van
or just John Vanderslice and the Whales.

John Vanderslice and the Apathetic Kidney Beans
John Vanderslice and the Electric Waves
John Vanderslice and the Monikers

John Vanderslice's Teen Sleuth Mystery Patrol
John Vanderslice and the Future Mrs. John Vanderslices
John Vanderslice and the Future Ex-Mrs. John Vanderslices
John Vanderslice and The Cosby Show
John Vanderslice and the Spurious Correlations
John Vanderslice and the Missing Heiresses
John Vanderslice and the Sailormongers
John Vanderslice and the Mysteries of a Woman's Soul
John Vanderslice and the Joint and Several Liability
John Vanderslice and the Moral Ambivalence
John Vanderslice and the Fledgling Democracies
John Vanderslice and the Logical Positivists
"John Vanderslice and His Excursions Beyond the Sonic Frontiers"
(Tallahassee Democrat, 03/19/2004)
John Vanderslice and The big musical fun show! (tagline for "Babes in
Arms" starring Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland)
John Vanderslice and the Blackface Minstrel Routine
John Vanderslice and His Very Private Secretaries
John Vanderslice and His Tax Attorneys
John Vanderslice and the Tort Reform
John Vanderslice and the Irrecoverable Losses
John Vanderslice and His Band Ate My Baby!
John Vanderslice and the Vexatious Litigation
John Vanderslice and the Rape Fantasists
John Vanderslice and the Expedient Divorce
John Vanderslice and the Six Goebbels Children
John Vanderslice's Inappropriate Reciprocal Self-Disclosure

jv and the spanish subtitles
jv and the 16:9 ratios
jv and the gel cap crackheads
John Vanderslice and The Hasselhoffian Recursion


posted by | August 10 2008

I am obsessed with the Olympics. Night and day. Did you see the opening ceremony? Holy shit.
I've written 12 songs this summer. Scott Solter, Ian Bjornstad, Daniel Hart and Matthias Bossi and I have tracked 10 of them. We have a bunch of days in October at Tiny Telephone. More soon.

We are recording!

posted by JV | June 12 2008

Endless touring.

posted by JV | March 20 2008

Cincinatti, OH
God what are we doing still on tour? HA! Well, at least it's a good one, we're opening for Malkmus and the Jicks. BTW, they couldn't be a nicer crew and the shows couldn't be better. It's a day off. I'm watching Ms. Crawford on TCM and the rest of the Vanderslices are spread out in the Garfield Suites. We're doing a bunch of headlining after the Malkmus dates, please check the shows page.
We need some merch people for a few shows. You know the drill, you'll be on the guest list +1 and we'll fawn over you all night. Please email Erika if you're interested. We need these shows...
Wed 04/09 – Lancaster, PA @ Chameleon
Thurs 04/10 – State College, PA @ Chronic Town
Fri 04/11 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Andy Warhol Museum
Tues 04/15 – Springfield, MO @ Randy Bacon Gallery
Wed 04/16 – St. Louis, MO @ Billiken Club
Fri 04/18 – Madison, WI @ Club 770 (University of Wisconsin)

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