A jetty won't last forever

posted by JV | August 15 2009

Waves they Tumblr and Tumblr

JV + Magik*Magik Orchestra

posted by JV | August 09 2009

A messsage from my cats

posted by JV | July 24 2009

"14c   cvc\"

How they figured out cut and paste I'll never know.

posted by | July 24 2009

Jason, Ian and I have started trio rehearsals for the European tour in October. I have to say it's really sounding incredible. We're trying to play as many different songs, new and old, as we can. We learned Heated Pool and Bar yesterday. I hope everyone's summer is wonderful so far. Isa's in France, and I've thrown myself back into Tiny Telephone and the next record.

Canada Dates This Weekend

posted by JV | July 07 2009

We'll be in Toronto and Ottawa this weekend, our first Romanian Names dates in Canada so far. We need merch help in Toronto this friday, if you can do it please email me. See you soon!

In Memoriam

posted by JV | July 07 2009

We like to play rock music

posted by JV | June 18 2009

Bowery Ballroom, NY
Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg

Double Dutch!

posted by JV | June 03 2009

Double dutch at Sasquatch Festival.

This is going to be a good tour...

posted by JV | May 20 2009

We just played our third show and I was absolutely stunned how well my band played tonight. Will you please shower them with home made cookies and cracked DVDs?? They are SO bad ass. It is late and I need to sleep. See you soon.
Oh let's go on a garden tour! Via I Pick My Nose.

Earth Auction Bloodbath

posted by JV | May 20 2009

Please don't buy MCB on ebay unless you absolutely have to. I will have it on this tour.

Wow, could the new Lars von Trier movie be a disaster?

I care about the NBA playoffs more than you'll ever know.

Okay time to go time to go.

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