Kickstarter UPDATE #1: Thank you thank you thank you

posted by JV | February 20 2013


I wanted to send a quick note to all my backers and tell you how incredibly AWESOME you are!!! I've been staying with my mom in Pittsboro, NC since the launch. Watching my unflappable mom get incredibly excited and personally invested in the campaign was magic for me.

My mom (wisely) forced me into piano lessons when I was 6, bought me Led Zeppelin records at 12, and defended my honor against the jerk-ass principle of Churchill High School (even though I was clearly a restive ne'er do well barreling down the wrong road).

So thanks for making me look good!!

Please share this campaign with anyone you think would be interested. We are doing this one on one, without a label or publicist. It feels SO different for me.
We are fast nailing down dates for the video shoot and the listening party. They'll be some interesting (and weirdly interesting) new rewards introduced in the next week or so.

If we get to 60k, we'll do a live stream from the control room of Tiny Telephone to give you a feel for the listening party. I think I'm going to buy some really good alcohol for that. (The listening party I mean, although I might also be drunk for the live streaming.) We'll be playing Dagger Beach and Diamond Dogs directly from the 1/2" tape.

Joe Williams and I are working on a new VINYL CASE for the collector who owns the back catalog. It will include DAGGER BEACH and DIAMOND DOGS on vinyl. We're also brainstorming on super special items to throw into every package. I've decided against including tufts of Clover's impossibly soft and cloud-like fur.

I've decided to print DIAMOND DOGS at 200g instead of 180g. There will be no other versions of the vinyl. It sounds too good to compromise. That shit is hella expensive but I clearly have the MOST AMAZING BACKERS IN THE WORLD. (You make me want to tour, you know I won't be able to say no to that right?)
Remember you can always combine rewards or be as creative as you like. I've already set aside the entire month of April for organizing your goods.

I'll send out a survey closer to delivery dates, then you can give me very detailed info about what you'd like me to write/sign, or any other additions and changes to your order. If you've customized your order or combined rewards, don't be shy reminding me that! I might be a little overwhelmed by then:)
I'm going to do my best to make sure everything works well and that everyone is thrilled with their goods. I know I'm very happy right now. This experience has energized and INSPIRED me to make more music!!

Much love to you,

Ps Here's my mom!


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