Tour Dates are rolling

posted by JV | February 17 2011

More coming!! See you soon, I can't wait to tour!! If only I could bring my wife and cats... But I will have Jason Slota and Jacob Winik!

Shows This WEEKEND!

posted by JV | February 09 2011

Damn I can't wait to play this weekend. Jason Slota and I have been rehearsing for months to get a duo set where we want it. It's pretty loose and punk, down and dirty. We're learning a lot of songs and trying to cover a lot of White Wilderness. Jason is playing drums, Moog Source, tons of percussion, toy piano and mandolin (!). I am playing guitar. (SHAME!)

Thu Feb 10, 2011 - Santa Cruz, CA

Fri Feb 11, 2011 - Oakland, Ca

Sat Feb 12, 2011 - Stockton, Ca

See you soon!!!!!!

PS The heavy lifting, as usual, is over on my 3 Tumblr accounts.

Photo by Laura Musselman!

White Wilderness is record of the day on Amazon

posted by JV | January 24 2011

For 24 hours White Wilderness is $3.99 for a full download at Amazon. Features a bonus Atlas Sound cover of Walkabout I made with Minna and Jason!

Photo by Autumn de Wilde

Greren Grow the Rushes Vinyl is Done!

posted by jv | January 10 2011

I'll have it with me on tour this year, both here and in Europe. You can also get it as part of the pre-order options, but other than that, it won't be sold online. I have 1000 of them so they will definitely last through the year. They are signed and hand-numbered. My wife Isabelle stamped the killer green logo on the vinyl label! Summer Makovkin did the wonderful design and screen-printing.

White Wilderness CD/LP Prorder Mania!!

posted by JV | January 06 2011

Okay maybe madness is a bit much, but check out the below packages. Pretty sweet. The main thing is, if you pre-order the record, you get an immediate mp3 download of the record. Damn.

White Wilderness is a collaboration with the Magik*Magik Orchestra and arranged by the brilliant Minna Choi. Minna is my hero. When you hear the record, you'll understand why. I am so proud of this record and can't wait for you to get it!

A few noted about the goodies:

-The White Wilderness vinyl was mastered from the 1/2" analog tapes by Bernie Grundman and pressed by RTI.

-The unique 5X7 is a print from my trusty Leica M6. I choose all of the photos and they will never be reprinted again. They are signed and I've added notes and locations to most of them.

-The Green Grow The Rushes EP is a high-quality 180gr RTI pressing with hand silk-screened artwork designed by Summer Makovkin. This is an all-analog, numbered release limited to 1000.

-The Hatch Show Print is amazing.

-Get the damned Platinum Bundle! You will not regret it:)

White Wilderness Album Trailer by Yours Truly!

posted by JV | January 05 2011

John Vanderslice Yours Truly Trailer from stereogum on Vimeo.

More tracks from Green Grow the Rushes

posted by JV | December 05 2010

More individual tracks from Green Grow The Rushes:

Violins and Treated Keyboards
| .AIF
-Violins played by Daniel Hart
-Matthias Bossi on piano and Hammond
-Engineered by Scott Solter at Tiny Telephone

Electric guitars from Streetlights | .AIF
-played by me, recorded in my basement

Bass and Drums from Streetlights | .AIF
-Matthias Bossi on surdo and kick drum
-George Ban-Weiss on upright
-Engineered by Scott Solter at Tiny Telephone

Use as you like.

Here's the link for all uploaded tracks so far, with all mp3s and AIFs.

I'm playing a benefit for Teen Feed!

posted by jv | December 01 2010

December 16, in Seattle. Sponsored by the wonderful Three Imaginary Girls.

Raw Tracks from Green Grow the Rushes Grow

posted by jv | November 22 2010

More individual tracks from Green Grow the Rushes Grow...

"Penthouse Window" was arranged by Max Stoffregen. I gave him a simple demo with a click track and the vocals you hear below. I think Max is a major bad ass, this was a big turning point for me and foreshadowed my collaboration with Magik*Magik Orchestra.

Clarinets from "Penthouse Window"
-All played by Ben Goldberg (that mf-er can play)

Piano from "Penthouse Window"
-Played by Max Stoffregen

Vocals from "Penthouse Window"
All the background vocals are recorded 25-50 cents slower on the MM1200, then brought up to speed. I love that as it has a slightly different forment, and it seems to brighten the sound and tighten up the delivery.

Use as you like.
Piano and clarinets tracked by Scott Solter at Tiny Telephone.
Vocals tracked by me at home.

Here's the link for all uploaded tracks so far.

New Record!! White Wilderness out January 25 on Dead Oceans

posted by JV | November 19 2010

Minna Choi and I in the Fantasy Studios A room, photo by Autumn de Wilde

Earlier this week, NPR’s All Songs Considered premiered the White Wilderness opener, “Sea Salt” and noticed something slightly different.

That expansion is Minna Choi and the Magik*Magik Orchestra. For the first time in his career, Vanderslice has chosen not to partake in the hours of agonizing studio wizadry he is so acustomed to. Here are nine new and wildly impressive JV songs captured live over just three days in a unique collaboration with the Orchestra, a collective of classically trained musicians in the Bay Area led by Choi as artistic director.

Listen to the All Songs Considered podcast here.

Listen to “Sea Salt” here.

White Wilderness is out January 25 in the US.
The Magik*Magik Orchestra have a comprehensive mastery of classic performance and repertoire, but also have a full appreciation of the aesthetics of indie and underground music. Choi arranged and conducted White Wilderness with 19 members of the Magik*Magik playing strings and horns, vibraphone, pedal steel and piano, an assortment of reed instruments, and much to JV’s benefit, the voice of Minna Choi singing backup at key moments throughout the album.
Recorded in San Francisco, White Wilderness was produced by John Congleton, whose resume includes albums by St Vincent, The Walkmen, Explosions in the Sky, Bill Callahan and many more.

White Wilderness tracklist:

Sea Salt
Convict Lake
White Wilderness
The Piano Lesson
After It Ends
Alemany Gap
English Vines

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