On That Shaky Pier

posted by JV | August 09 2011

Presidio, San Francisco, CA

Shows galore

posted by JV | August 08 2011

Summer's almost gone... Wow, what a wonderful song.
Well, I know where I'll be when the summer's gone, playing a show most likely. I've got a Southern California run, SE tour, Hopscotch Festival and a European tour coming up. Jason Slota will join me for SoCal and EU. Hallelujah. After that I need to write a record. I'll see you out there!

Freedom costs $8 on the nose

posted by JV | June 29 2011

Details here.

Tine Telephone and Bay Bridged present!

posted by JV | June 29 2011

PLEASE COME!!!! Info at Bay Bridged.

Herbst Theater

posted by JV | June 22 2011

Photo by Gabriell Rickard

Magik*Magik Orchestra + JV!!!

posted by JV | May 20 2011

Tix are here. It would mean the WORLD TO US if you would come to this show!!!!

Tour is the bomb...I never want to leave

posted by jv | May 11 2011

Photo by Forester Michael

Tour updates and photos...

posted by JV | April 29 2011

are on the TUMBLR!!!!!!!!

US Spring Tour Has Begun!!!

posted by JV | April 17 2011

Hello everyone! We're a few days away from heading out for a 6-week US tour. Yes, I will miss my cats Clover and Miette desperately, but I will have Isabelle out with us for the first shows. So if you're in the NW please say hello to my amazing wife at the merch table.
So, as you may have heard, April is Audience Participation Month. We kindly ask you to be part of our live show in one of the following ways.
- You can sing lead or harmony vocal on "Trance Manual"
- You can play a solo on "Exodus Damage" with an instrument of your choice, the weirder the better.
- You can trigger that cool squiggly sound in "Underneath The Leaves".
- You can also choose your own adventure. Again, the stranger the better.

Email me with your awesome ideas.

NB: May is also Audience Participation Month.

On tour with me will be the incredible Jason Slota playing Moog Source, glockenspiel, mandolin and...a full drum kit. Mostly at the same time.


posted by JV | April 16 2011

I won't have Magik*Magik Orchestra out with me this time, but I will have a different colored Magik shirt for every day of the week on this tour.

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